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Airbus MCDU Emulator System v2.1.0a

Take the first step toward realizing your dream of flying an Airbus with our tutorials and practice emulator.

Here you can learn about different topics related to the Airbus Mulitpurpose Control & Display Unit (MCDU) and the Flight Management & Guidance System (FMGS).

The specific aircraft type covered in the tutorials is the A320-211, but all A320 family (including A319 and A321) aircraft follow similar procedures.

With some adjustments, the A330 and A340 family of aircraft can be operated using the instructions given here, and where there is a known difference, it has been pointed out.

The A380 is new at the time of writing. We've done the best we can to provide information relevant to A380 systems, but there could be some minor details that are not totally correct.

Of course we don't guarantee the accuracy of any information. This free service is provided as a supplement to the official curriculum, not a replacement. When there is a difference between information in the tutorials or articles and the information in the official Airbus curriculum, the official information should be regarded as accurate.

The menu at the left allows you to jump to any topic you need to access. The menu can (and should) be hidden when not needed on small displays by clicking on the icon at the top of the menu.

To get started, choose a tutorial from the menu or article, or simply click the Next button at the bottom of each lesson page.

This emulator will allow you to learn or practice the art of programming the Multipurpose Control & Display Unit (MCDU).

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